Lee Chebert, Union Steward, 747 Wing Body Join

"Your vote matters, but knowing who you’re voting for is just as important. The opposing ticket supported Buffy and Mark Johnson who stole our Pension! Join me in voting for the Members’ Choice."

Todd Campbell, Union Steward, Everett Crane Crew

"I’m supporting the Members’ Choice candidates because they fought relentlessly to preserve benefits two years ago when the current contract was forced upon us. They have continued to work for us and were instrumental in passing the Membership Bill of Rights that was a historic moment."


Greg Lether, Union Steward, Assembler Installer EMC

"I support the Members’ Choice ticket, because they were not afraid to stand up and fight for our members back in 2013 and are continuing to fight for us every day."

Sara Baumgardner, Union Steward, 787 final assembly

"We need to vote for candidates that are going to hold Boeing accountable. The Members’ Choice candidates are passionate about making sure our voices are heard. They will fight against
Boeing’s continuous attempts to divide us."

Karen Gallant, Renton Pre-Flight

"I support the Members’ Choice candidates because they worked hard to get the Bill of Rights added to the IAM Constitution to keep a bad contract surprise from happening to us during the holidays again."

Robert Villegas, Union Steward, 737 Flight Line mechanic, Seattle Delivery Center

"I know what the Members’ Choice candidates did during our contract crisis in 2014 - they fought hard to defeat it. They have also worked hard to rebuild the union and get us ready for the next attack that we all know is coming. Jon Holden and his team have our best interests at heart!"

Kim Krause, Union Steward, 747 functional test

"I am voting for the Members’ Choice ticket as they truly believe in supporting our membership in every way possible. Whether it be grievances, safety issues or putting management in their place, they have always been there for our members!"

Darry Woodson, Union Steward, 737 wingline

"This vote is about making the Machinists strong again! It is very important that every member vote. A lot of positive changes have happened, including the Membership Bill of Rights, because of the leadership Members’ Choice candidates have shown. Join me in voting for the Members’ Choice candidates so we all have a stronger future!"

Members' Choice has supporters throughout our Union!

Brent Scott, Union Steward, Everett Flight Line

"I’m supporting the Members’ Choice for many reasons and you should too. These individuals fought to retain our pension and educated members on why to vote NO on the lousy contract that barely passed. They always have and continue to tirelessly fight to defend and represent our members and were influential in attaining our Membership Bill of Rights that we needed badly. I see our union becoming stronger and more unified with these candidates in our corner."

Paul Lindholm, Union Steward 747 Tank Closer Crew, Integral Fuel Cell Sealing Technician

"As the Union Steward in the 747 tank closure crew, Jon Holden was my business rep during the 2013-2014 contract votes. I can say without a doubt that Jon Holden told us strongly to vote NO because it was the most destructive, divisive contract we have ever seen. Join me in voting for the Members’ Choice candidates who fought against that contract!"

Support statements and endorsements for the Members' Choice candidates are pouring in from members. Check back this weekend for more!

Pete Tallarico, 737 P8 integral fuel cell sealer

"When I was wrongfully terminated, the Members’ Choice Business Rep Rich McCabe really stepped up and followed through to ensure justice was served. This showed me these are the right people we want as our union representatives. I am voting for the Members’ Choice team who also passed the bill of rights to ensure our contract can’t be opened without the members’ vote."

Steve Parsley, Union Steward, Everett Crane Crew:

"The Members’ Choice candidates, led by Jon Holden, have the respect of the members, strongly supported a NO vote on the last contract, but most of all they support ALL members. I know some of them personally -- Jon Holden, Richard Jackson, Spencer Burris, Dan Swank,Greg Campos, Andree Trahan -- and they have always been there when you need them and always have my back and the members’ back.  To me there is only one choice, pick the team who will have your back, which is the Members’ Choice OR pick the team who would have Buffy’s back, I will always pick the members first – join me in voting for the Members’ Choice."

Amanda Hines, Union Steward, Factory Service

"There has been a lot work done since the 2014 contract to improve the conditions for our members, but there is a lot more work we still need to do. Voting for the Members’ Choice candidates is exactly what needs to be done in order create strength for the future of our union. Join me in voting for the Members’ Choice candidates."

Dan Prater, Union Steward, Renton Preflight

"As we all know, our International and some Local Union Leadership threw the membership under the bus last contract vote. Buffy was aligned with the company and the WA State government who were against us pushing to get this bogus thieving contract that took so much from us passed. The anger felt by most of us due to this is indescribable, and we all knew change in our Union Leadership was desperately needed.

Buffy and Tom Wroblewski are now gone, but there are still some business reps who encouraged their members to take the contract leading to the passing of this dreadful deal who must now be voted out. This election is our opportunity to ensure they are removed from the positions they currently hold and can never back stab us again.

The Members Choice Ticket has people who spearheaded changes that have brought about the new Amendments to our Union Constitution at the last Grand Lodge Convention to ensure what happened in 2014 will never happen again. Our current contract expires in 2024, and we have a fight on our hands coming to get back what we lost. We need to continue down this path of change and be ready for the company when the time comes and we need to have the leadership in place to lead the fight - that is the Members Choice candidates, and we should support them as they have supported us by bringing about the necessary policy changes and give them our vote on Oct 6 so that we will really be on track to hopefully bring back much of what was stolen from us."

Brandon Riste, Union Steward, Everett Site Services

"I grew up in a union family and have strong union ties, which is why I became a Union Steward. I support the Members’ Choice team because they were the strong, vocal leaders who fought against the destructive contract extortion vote that stole our pension – and are the ones who continually fight for our members.

Chuck Craft, who is on the 751 Alliance ticket, was my Business Rep at that time. Craft refused to take a stand on the extension in November 2013 at a crew meeting even though my co-workers pushed hard for an answer. He mentioned the ‘International’ would be pissed. Ever since that day, our crew has the ‘chair of shame’ that remains empty because it is the chair Chuck Craft sat in that day when he refused to be a leader, and we all want to remember.

Join me in Voting for the Members’ Choice Team – union leaders who fight for our members every day. 

Justin Phillips, Union Steward, Integral Fuel Cell Assembler

"I have been a member of The Machinist Union for over 20 years. I am very impressed with the leadership of the Members’ Choice. Unlike the past, these guys have really stepped up and are taking the company to task by holding the company’s feet to the fire on contract enforcement!"

Todd Christensen, Union Steward, 747 Final Body Join Mechanic

"The Members’ Choice is the ticket I support. They bring the leadership we need and an open ear to the rank and file. The Members’ Choice supported and helped pass the “The Membership Bill of Rights” at the last Grand Lodge Convention - stopping forced contract votes and giving the rank-and-file a voice. No more renegotiated contracts in the middle of an existing contract without the approval from a majority of the membership. Join me in voting Members’ Choice."