Donnie Vey, Union Steward, Maintenance Mechanic, Bellevue

"Join me in voting for the Members' Choice candidate, who spoke out against the concessionary contract and in no uncertain terms told members to vote no. There are some who failed to represent us (the 751 Alliance). THIS IS A VERY Important Election...almost as important as a contract vote. PLEASE take a few minutes next Thursday (Oct. 13) and stop by a hall and vote for the Members' Choice Candidates.

This is your chance to hold those accountable who failed us as leaders during that destructive contract vote where we lost our pension. These are baby steps in the now ongoing process of rebuilding the trust in this Union and our chance to take action against the OLD leadership (the 751 Alliance) that let us down badly on the contract extension.
Again, join me in voting for the Members' Choice - the ones who put members first."

Tom Keller, Union Steward, 751-F
     "At a critical time in our union's history, the Members' Choice candidates fought against the forced pension stealing contract. Members' Choice candidates focused their anger over that devastating vote to make change to prevent such a travesty in the future and were a driving force in that historic change at the Grand Lodge Convention.
    The 751 Alliance candidates did not lead during that critical contract vote. Since then, those candidates - particularly Don Morris who is running again for BR and was my BR during that contract vote - remain aligned with Aerospace Coordinator Mark Johnson who helped bring that devastating contract forward and supported Buffenbarger.
       Members' Choice candidates are the ones taking action to rebuild our strength and get more members involved with town hall meetings, education classes, and the ones fighting hard every day to protect our members with contract enforcement, challenging Boeing decisions, taking action in the legislature and partnering with the broader labor community on social justice issues.
     I am impressed with Jon Holden and the work he has done putting our Union back together after this travesty. I have watched Jon take one verbal shot to the chin after another in town hall meetings, monthly meetings, etc. Not once did he make excuses, even though he was adamantly against the extension from the beginning. He is a true leader and an example to all of us.
     Join me in voting for the Members' Choice team."

Scott Daniels, Maint. Plumber, Union Steward, Renton

"I am encouraged by the Membership Bill of Rights. It is a step moving forward for the membership. The Company now has to deal with the local membership first instead of making deals with the International behind closed doors. I wish the younger members would start being involved in the process. IT IS THEIR FUTURE! Join me in voting for the Members' Choice candidates - the leaders fighting for our members!"

Luizane Chiv, Union Steward, Local F, Auburn 2nd Shift
"This is our chance to turn it around. Your vote is very important! We all need to make an effort to get down to the Hall and cast our vote. Join me in voting for the Members’ Choice. We don’t have time to play around!"

John Scofield, Union Steward, 777 Everett
    "I am a 20-year veteran Union Steward with a long-standing history of telling it like it is and calling folks out from time to time on both the Company side and the Union side, as well as applauding them when it is earned. I want to endorse the Members’ Choice candidates and encourage you to vote for these candidates. They will help us claw back what we have lost with the extension and fight Boeing on other issues to protect our members.
    The “Alliance” wants an alliance with Boeing, and it is that same behavior that cost us our pension benefits and so much more. Join me in voting for the Members’ Choice!"

Members' Choice has supporters throughout Puget Sound.

Brandon Riste, Union Steward, Everett Site Services
"I grew up in a union family and have strong union ties, which is why I became a Union Steward. I support the Members’ Choice team because they were the strong, vocal leaders who fought against the destructive contract extortion vote that stole our pension – and are the ones who continually fight for our members.
Chuck Craft, who is on the 751 Alliance ticket, was my Business Rep at that time. Craft refused to take a stand on the extension in November 2013 at a crew meeting even though my co-workers pushed hard for an answer. He mentioned the ‘International’ would be pissed. Ever since that day, our crew has the ‘chair of shame’ that remains empty because it is the chair Chuck Craft sat in that day when he refused to be a leader, and we all want to remember.
Join me in Voting for the Members’ Choice Team – union leaders who fight for our members every day."

Tony Calahan N0309 General Machinist Auburn
"I was lucky enough to participate as a delegate at the IAM 39Th Grand Lodge Convention over the Labor Day Holiday. The Members’ Choice delegates came with a mission to put forth the Membership Bill of Rights and change the IAM Constitution so that no other District or Local endures what District 751 did in 2013-2014. The two main points being: The District or Local controls the time, date and location of contract votes so the most members can participate. No interference by the International unless the District or Local requests it. After working very hard at getting the message out the Districts and Locals throughout the U.S. and Canada resoundingly approved the Membership Bill of Rights. I want to thank all of the Members’ Choice candidates for their hard work over the past two plus years. They won’t be sipping tea or breaking ground with a shovel along side Boeing executives anytime soon. This is the group you want supporting and listening to you."

Ken Ruether, Spar Mill Operator, Frederickson (recently retired)
“I am supporting the Members’ Choice Candidates for three reasons.
1) They were not afraid to voice their opposition toward the devastating 2014 contract extension that will make it very hard, if not impossible, for our newest members to ever retire. I wish every person that is running would have done the same.
2) The Members’ Choice Candidates helped develop, pass and/or supported the epic Membership Bill of Rights which puts the power back in the Members’ hands, where it always should have been.
3) The Members’ Choice Candidates will fight hard for you when the next contract extension is offered.”