Susanna Thomas, Union Steward, MPRF, 2nd shift Marketplace BFE
“I believe the Members' Choice is the best leadership to lead us through the next contract and educate our members. Every one of the Members’ Choice candidates opposed that destructive contract and never wavered on their stand no matter how much they were pressured to do otherwise. Join me in voting for Members’ Choice – strong leaders for our future.”

Cheri Brown, Union Steward, Mechanic, Harbor Pointe
"On October 6th 2016, I will be casting my vote for the Members' Choice team. They have the integrity and the fortitude to stand up to management and protect our rights!”

Bob Merritt, assembler electrical, 751-A, Renton Work Transfer
"In 37 years with this union, I have never seen a group more dedicated to the membership than the Members’ Choice candidates."

Jackie Boschok – President 751 Retirement Club
“The Members’ Choice are the right group of leaders to make sure that this kind of takeaway contract extension never happens again. I have worked with most for years and know they stood on the right side against Buffenbarger and Boeing. The new Membership Bill of Rights they pushed is an important step to get our union back on track. It is not just for our union, but for the entire labor movement today to make unions more democratic. Join me in voting for Members’ Choice.”

Ron McGaha, Local 751-C, Retiree Activist 
“I have worked 50 years building for retirement, and the opposition gave our pension away, but it wasn’t theirs to give away. Join me in voting for the Members’ Choice – the leaders who opposed that contract.”

Roy Wilkinson, Local 751-E, Program Coordinator Joint Programs
“I am running with the Members’ Choice team who brought us the Membership Bill of Rights. Vote Members’ Choice!”

Jim Miller, Union Steward, 747 Stores, Local F
“I supported Jon Holden for District President when he first ran, and I support him now! When he was my BR, he was ALWAYS there when I needed him, and he stood strong against that horrible contract. I'm voting for Members' Choice candidates!"

Tommy Wilson, Joint Programs Administrator, Local 751-C
“I am supporting the Members’ Choice candidates because they are the right ones to move our union forward and get us united for the future.”

Trevor Riddle, Union Steward, MPRF, DC, 1st shift
“As a second generation Machinists Union member, the Members’ Choice candidates spoke out against the destructive contract that past generations sacrificed to obtain. The others (the Alliance candidates) did not lead when we needed them most. Join me in voting for the Members’ Choice candidates.”

Larry Jensen, MPRF, Auburn, TDRC
“This election is an opportunity for the membership to take their union back. If you don’t, we all lose. That is why I am supporting the Members’ Choice.”

J.C. Zack Zaratkiewicz, Joint Programs Administrator, Local A
“I am one of the many members pledging my support to the candidates led by Jon Holden. Please join me in voting for these knowledgeable and committed candidates who support District 751’s membership. Vote Members’ Choice.”

Don Bykonen, Union Steward, Tooling MPRF, 17-10 Auburn

"Our Union has been in a rebuilding mode these last few years. Members' Choice Candidates have played a huge role in shaping our Union for the future. What was accomplished with the Membership Bill Of Rights is a great start. Don't believe what the opposition (the Alliance) says they have nothing to offer but distrust and all of them lack leadership which was shown by the Alliance in the contract extension two years ago. Vote for the Members' Choice Candidates and send a strong message of solidarity."

More Supporters Speak Out on Why They Support Members' Choice Candidates - posted 10/3/16

Cam Griffin, Union Steward, Final Assembly 737, Renton

"When Buffy the pension slayer rolled over and sold us out, the Members' Choice candidates stood up and fought back. They kept fighting back and got the IAM Constitution changed with the Membership Bill of Rights. They screamed 'never again' and brought the power of OUR union back to the people. They all stood tall and took the high road, not the easy way out and would not be silenced. That's why I'm proud to support the Members' Choice candidates."