Members' Choice candidates worked hard for nearly a year, networking with union members nationwide and getting input, to pass a Membership Bill of Rights to prevent forced votes in the future. This Bill of Rights was passed on Sept. 6, 2016 and is positive change to build a stronger union for every member. It includes:

  •  Contracts can only be implemented by honoring the outcome of a vote of the members.
  • No contract can be re-negotiated/opened at other than expiration without a majority vote of the membership.
  • District controls time, date and location of contract vote taking into account the convenience and availability of the membership to participate in the voting process.
  • Once the union leadership at any level receives a request to bargain from an employer, the bargaining membership must be notified.​
  • Whenever practicable, contract negotiation committee must contain at least one member from the bargaining unit.

Members’ Choice candidates adamantly opposed the divisive contract that stole our pension and worked hard to remove IP Buffenbarger who forced that vote on our members over the Christmas holidays! Since then, Members' Choice worked hard to make change to ensure it could never happen again!

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  • Fighting Boeing’s attempt to move higher graded work into lower graded jobs including taking cases to arbitration.

  • Fighting Boeing offload attempts by proposing alternatives to keep work in-house and save our jobs.

  • Fighting to increase AMPP payout for members. 

  • Town hall meetings for candid two-way discussion for all shifts at halls close to where members work and live so it is easier to participate and provide input.

  •  Union education classes so members know their rights and are better equipped to combat contract violations.

  •  Implemented new voting system to eliminate lines that occurred on Jan. 3, 2014 vote.

  • Pushing for Aerospace Tax Incentive Accountability to keep our jobs in Washington in return for tax incentives. 

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