Taylor Brown, Interior Mechanic, Everett, Local A
"I will be voting for the Members Choice ticket, because this group not only supports us on a daily basis - they are not afraid to stand up to the company and International."

Brian Anderson, Union Steward, 747 QA

"In my 27 years, this is the first time I have ever seen leadership step up and demand to bargain changes and working conditions. In the past I was always told if it's not in the contract, there's nothing we can do about it. Way to go Members' Choice!"

Wes Heard, Union Steward, IRC closets & partitions

"The Members’ choice ticket stood strong, not only against the company, but against Buffy and his cronies. They were also instrumental in passing the Membership Bill of Rights that will ensure that the younger generation will never have to face what we did in 2013-2014."

Dave Bryant, Union Steward, Everett Customer Coordinator

     "I have been with Boeing for 27+ years and a Steward for over 20 years, serving as a picket captain several times.  I have seen our union very strong...and not so strong. I support the Members' Choice candidates because I feel with them we are getting our union back on track and moving in the right direction again! This is our shot; we cannot afford to make any more mistakes.

      You have a chance to make a difference, so join me in voting for the Members' Choice candidates!"

Chip Thom, Union Steward, Everett Flightline AMTI   

"I am supporting Members’ Choice candidates.  They are continually on the forefront for improving issues. Their long hours and efforts have not gone unnoticed.  I recommend voting for the Members’ Choice candidates on Oct. 6!"

 Michael Jones, Local F Auburn Machined Parts Inspector and 36 year member.
"I support the Members' Choice ticket because they will never sell me out. They proved that 3 years ago. I trust the Members' Choice team.”  

Wendy Roppo 767 Tool Services
"I am supporting the Members' Choice candidates because they are the only ones that were out telling people to vote no on the contract that took away our pensions."

Shari Boggs, Local C Union Steward, Auburn

"I would encourage everyone to vote for the Members’ Choice candidates. Our Union needs leaders that feel strongly about bringing solidarity back to our Union. These candidates have proven to me by their hard work and not giving up to get our Bill of Rights passed. These candidates will put our member’s interests first!"

Jim Miller, Local E Union Steward, Test Electronic Technician, Everett

"I support the Members’ Choice, because they have always stood up for this membership."

More Supporters Speak Out on Why They Support Members' Choice Candidates - posted 10/1/16

Bart Olsen Local F Harbor Pointe

    "The dedication of the brothers and sisters of the Members’ Choice -- show that they are very supportive to the members and strive to improve every day; reaching out to each other, sharing of events that each of us experience day to day in our work environment, and helping us to overcome challenges and strengthen our bond and unity.
    It is refreshing to see the Members’ Choice leadership forcing the company to bargain changes in working conditions, where past leadership did not. I believe in the Members' Choice ticket, they fought against the contract that was forced.
    We can stay strong with a unified environment, taking on challenges together, and supporting one another for a better future, for ourselves, family, and future generations."

Scott Hallstrom, Union Steward, 737 Wing Line 28 years

"I'm supporting the Members' Choice team because I know first hand they are the ones who put their jobs on the line opposing the Internationals forced vote during the 2013-2014 extension. Passing a Constitutional change so that no one will ever have their contract opened without a vote of the members shows the Members' Choice continue to fight for us."

Douglas Robinson, Union Steward,

"This membership deserves leadership that will fight for us and this team does and that is why I support the Members' Choice."

Bud Kauffman, Union Steward, 777 Feederline Mechanic

"The Company just wants to take and take and take at the expense of us. The Members’ Choice slate is not shy or afraid when it comes to standing up against the company’s bullying tactics!"

Amanda Picard- Union Steward, 787 QA Evt EMC Bldg, 2nd Shift
"I am proud to support the Members’ Choice candidates because they have already shown us what kind of dedication and strength they are bringing to the members. From voting NO on our forced contract to getting our Membership Bill of rights passed! This is the kind of leadership we need in our district to bring the FIGHT back into the FIGHTING MACHINISTS!!"

Adam Wagner 787 QA Evt EMC Bldg 2nd Shift Local F Member
"I support the Members’ Choice candidates because they have already proven, by getting us the Membership Bill Of Rights, that they have IAM 751's best interests in mind and are willing to fight for IAM 751."

George Stefanini Jr, Union Steward, Test and Evaluation Mechanic, Local C
"I completely support the Members’ Choice leadership team. They have a wealth of leadership, knowledge and problem solving skills. When situations occur and they will, someone always has an appropriate and timely resolution."

 Joe Ruth, Union Steward, Press Operator, Local C  

"I support the Members’ Choice ticket, because they have always stood up for the members. They have a strong presence on the shop floor that is helping to bring unity back to our group."

Tom Keller, Union Steward, 751-F

     "At a critical time in our union's history, the Members' Choice candidates fought against the forced pension stealing contract. Members' Choice candidates focused their anger over that devastating vote to make change to prevent such a travesty in the future and were a driving force in that historic change at the Grand Lodge Convention.
    The 751 Alliance candidates did not lead during that critical contract vote. Since then, those candidates - particularly Don Morris who is running again for BR and was my BR during that contract vote - remain aligned with Aerospace Coordinator Mark Johnson who helped bring that devastating contract forward and supported Buffenbarger.
       Members' Choice candidates are the ones taking action to rebuild our strength and get more members involved with town hall meetings, education classes, and the ones fighting hard every day to protect our members with contract enforcement, challenging Boeing decisions, taking action in the legislature and partnering with the broader labor community on social justice issues.
     I am impressed with Jon Holden and the work he has done putting our Union back together after this travesty. I have watched Jon take one verbal shot to the chin after another in town hall meetings, monthly meetings, etc. Not once did he make excuses, even though he was adamantly against the extension from the beginning. He is a true leader and an example to all of us.
     Join me in voting for the Members' Choice team."

Roger Walker, Union Steward, Everett Flight Line

"I support the Members’ Choice candidates for many reasons. They helped me with my unfair labor charges to fight against Boeing, which resulted in an agreement on the flight line 97109 job code to reduce job erosion. Members’ Choice candidates played a pivotal role in getting the Membership Bill of Rights passed at the convention. These folks have my back and yours!"

Kelly Mount, Local C CTSC

"I believe in the Members’ Choice candidates because they have worked hard to try to build us back up after we got taken advantage of on our last vote. I hope people are willing to vote these people back so we can strengthen our solidarity. We have a good amount of new members, and we need strong leadership to support the new members and build the strength back to where it once was. It's time for us to all stand together and get the right people in these leadership spots to start making the right changes for us so we don't get sold out again on the next contract. It's in our hands to get the right people in those spots and the Members' Choice candidates are the right people for those positions."

David S Hopkins, IAM-Boeing Joint Programs Cooridnator

"I support the Members’ Choice candidates. Everyone on this team gives 100% for the right reason. They give up a lot of their personal time off, unpaid.  To work on important projects like the Membership Bill of Rights, volunteering in their community building wheelchair ramps, supporting Northwest Harvest and way too many accomplishments to list here. I know each candidate personally, and I am proud of the extra mile they go. To move forward I recommend that we support Members Choice Team."

Monico Bretana, Union Steward, Quality Assurance, Propulsion Systems, Everett

    "Most remember what happened in 2013-2014 regarding a vote imposed by the past International President of the IAM. He imposed a vote on all IAM 751 members that basically stripped away our defined pension benefits. He, along with a small group of supporters, were unfortunately successful in convincing members to accept the contract that sadly took away what present and past IAM members had fought for decades to keep.

    In October, we have the opportunity to elect Members' Choice candidates who are very strong, upstanding leaders who will represent us and believe in bringing leadership that listens to its members. These Members' Choice candidates are the same ones who worked hard to pass the Membership Bill of Rights on Sept. 6, 2016 - preventing future forced contract votes. I know and believe these candidates are our best hope for the future. Join me in voting for the Members' Choice candidates!"

Bill Herrmann, Union Steward, HazMat Environmental Control Tech
"I support the Members' Choice ticket, because they stood up against the company and International during the 2013-2014 contact extension."

Kevin Eastman, Union Steward, 767 Receiving Inspection.

"I'm supporting the Members' Choice as they fought for our pension, and continue to fight every day for the membership. They made history by fighting fought to pass the Membership Bill of Rights!"

Ed Haala, Union Steward, AFG Floors Mechanic

"The reason I am supporting the Members’ Choice candidates is they truly believe in trade unionists principles. They have consistently put the members’ best interest first by standing up against Tom Buffenbarger, as well as the company."

Cris Dofredo, MRSA Inspection, Renton
     "The leaders on the Members’ Choice slate are the ones that spoke against the devastating contract from 2013-14, which is what great leaders should do.  Members’ Choice had enough understanding of how truly devastating this was to the membership and the future of the union as a whole, they spoke up.  They knew the company would take advantage of the holes in the contract to further damage the employees and job security.  They are pushing for accountability and job retention in exchange for 8.7 billion dollars aerospace tax incentives. 
     Members’ Choice candidates are the leaders who have continuously worked especially hard  in the last 2+ years since this contract was passed.  They have listened to the call for town hall meetings, union education classes, improved communication options etc. the list goes on.  The most important thing they have done is taken the information gathered and drafted the Membership Bill of Rights amendment to the IAM Constitution.   They put together a team of delegates to Grand Lodge and through networking with lodges across the country were able to achieve something that has never happened in the history of the IAM Constitution.  They passed a Membership Bill of Rights which will protect not only this membership but others around the country going forward. 
     We have also witnessed the doors opened towards members being able to attend union educational classes in support of strengthening union values and advancement within the organization.  I believe that now more than at any time in the past, anyone at any level is now open to fully participate in the day-to-day activities and structure of the organization.  Members’ Choice candidates have also shown their leadership in the community through acts of volunteer and service.  Building ramps for members and their families in need, serving at the various food banks and shelters in the area, collecting peanut butter and diapers for those in need, fund raising for cancer awareness and guide dogs, the list goes on and on.
     Don’t let anyone rewrite your history. We remember who led during that critical vote. Join me in voting for Members’ Choice!"