There are some key battles happening right now around job erosion.

One of those is regarding the company's installation of a new mechatronics 87706 classification that we believe is a violation of our contract. This new classification gathers job functions already contained in current job families and bundles them together to create a stand alone classification.

We have seen the company combine jobs for decades where a whole job family is combined with another to create a new job family containing work from both classifications. The Union had always had the opportunity to challenge the labor grade but as long as the installation of the new job or job family did not render other provisions of the contract useless then labor grade is what the union stuck to challenging.

In this case, the creation of a stand alone job number, containing job functions from multiple families of higher and lower grade work destroys other rights important to members. For example, category B inline promotion rights and rights to downgrade held in Article 22 would be erased. Requirements in LOU 17 that the company and the union reach agreement on a modified inline promotional procedure would become useless. No longer would agreement be necessary and the company would be able to do what they want. Seniority rights associated with these processes would also become mute. Although this new classification affects members in maintenance classifications this new process, if not challenged, could be used to destroy any job family or grouping of job families in any skill or craft.

The work functions included in the 87706 are not new. We have hundreds of current members performing these tasks today with high skill. This is not about getting the work done as much as it is about destroying protections and rights within the contract that are very important to each of us.

Members' Choice candidates are fighting this issue. We are taking this to arbitration on October 17-19. So much is riding on this case and we must put our best case forward. We feel strongly about this case and are confident that our interpretation is correct.

Another area where we were recently able to reach agreement with the company was on flight line work in Everett. Our stewards and BR's have been battling job erosion for a long time and have come to an agreement where specific work will remain in the 97109 AMT responsibility ensuring that if lower graded employees are assigned this work, they will be properly upgraded to perform the work. The BR's and Stewards involved can be proud of this agreement and will continue to monitor the work.​​

In addition, Members' Choice candidates have implemented a new process for members to help document and participate in challenging job erosion issues at Boeing.

Members' Choice candidates are involved and fight daily to enforce the contract, build unity, make change for a stronger future for all. ​

The Importance of Fighting Against Job Erosion