Those opposing the Member's Choice candidates are attempting to rewrite history. They are posting pictures of members with vote no signs and shirts as if they were at those rallies. Not only were they not at those rallies; they parroted the threats made by the company, international, and those politicians that lined up against our membership.

We are all held accountable for our actions. We, the Members' Choice candidates, were proud to stand against those working to destroy 80 years of solidarity and strikes that produced one of the strongest contracts in aerospace history. We don't see our opposition being proud of their choice to stay neutral or stick with previous International President Buffenbarger.

At a time when we faced the most destructive, divisive contract in our history; where the international led by the previous IP Buffenbarger, retired General Vice President Rich Michalski, and Aerospace Coordinator Mark Johnson purposely placed our membership in a position of weakness, the leaders of the opposition candidates sided with the international and either took no stance or openly encouraged members to vote for a huge cost shift in healthcare premiums, decreased benefit levels, stagnated wages, and to freeze their pension forever.

As elected representatives it is our duty to give a recommendation. The worst stance of all is to tell a member that "it is up to them. I am not taking a stance. " or"I am neutral. Decide for yourself." We are elected to take a stance and educate the members on what we know. It is our duty to share the information that we have so that when a member has a decision to make on their livelihood, they can do so with all the facts.

The opposition is taking a stance that our union needs a friendlier relationship with Boeing. Unfortunately, the 2014 contract is a prime example of what that strategy will do to our membership. Because of this, District 751 has been set back decades with important progress lost.

It's not time to go along to get along. Our membership is only respected when we are in a position of leverage and strength. The relationship that needs mending is that with our members.

Don't allow people that stood with the international who negotiated in secret the most destructive, divisive contract to rewrite history. It's time they were held accountable for their failure to stand with the members.

Members' Choice candidates adamantly opposed the divisive contract that stole our pension and worked hard to try to remove IP Buffenbarger who forced that vote on our members over the Christmas holidays. These are the candidates who remain involved and fight daily to enforce the contract, build unity, make change for a stronger future for all. ​

What You Need to Know About Our Opposition