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Our Members' Choice candidates want to thank all members and retirees who participated in our election process. While only Local 751-A and 751-F had contested elections, it took the efforts of our supporters in all locals. This was our first ever all mail-in ballot because of the pandemic, and we are proud of all our candidates. Ballots were counted at the Seattle Union Hall on Oct. 15. Below are the pdf ballot results that are posted on the District website. Per the District website "Winners are in red and bold with the percentage of votes they received against total votes cast in that local. Members voting didn’t necessarily vote for all available positions, which is why no position received 100% of the votes."

Local A Final Results.pdf

Local F Final Results.pdf

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Members' Choice candidates work to create a stronger future for all with justice on the job and service to the community. See Members' Choice candidates in action!

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